Legacy the School of Sport Science (Legacy) is the FIRST 6th-12th grade school district in the state of Texas that focuses on the professions within athletics (science and the business of sport). Legacy is an open enrollment charter campus that is uniquely designed to prepare students to meet their college and professional goals academically, athletically, and professionally.

The Legacy curriculum has been crafted with industry experts to expose students to four athletic career paths: athletic administration, coaching, sports media and/or sports medicine. In addition, we have partnered with Houston Community College to provide students an opportunity to graduate (from our high school) with a high school diploma and the possibilities to be college core complete or up to 60 college credit hours.

Our district has been created for the student that is interested in athletics.

With the help of industry experts and campus partners Legacy will provide rigorous and meaningful programs that will keep students engaged and motivated to learn- daily!



MC Athletics- Summer Camps- Sunday June 4th at Legends Sports Complex from 3:30-5:00 pm 602 Pruitt Rd. Spring, Texas