Grading Policy 

“80 to Participate”

To participate in ANY extra-curricular activity students must fulfill all requirements of Legacy course work with a minimum grade of 80% in each class on their progress report and report card.

B.O.K (Book of Knowledge) (1)

Admissions and Lottery Process

Admissions and Lottery Process

Parents must complete an online application form and submit it to the school prior to the deadline in order to be qualified to be selected in the Lottery. There will be times posted for applications to be received and deadlines to be met in order to qualify to participate in the Lottery.
The school will determine the number of spaces that are available in all grades within the school.

Application: This is a short form filled out for new/interested students. The initial application period is late winter/early spring, though applications can be filled out any time of the school year. Initial application period applications are all put in the same ‘pool’ and eligible for the lottery held in March if any grade is oversubscribed.

Registration: Period when long forms are filled out and required documents are submitted once students are accepted after the application period, off the waitlist, or during the year.

Enrollment: Following the Lottery drawing, the parents of the students who have been selected will be notified by email and telephone. Each parent will be notified to complete the enrollment paperwork and to finalize enrollment at their accepted school. The official status “Enrolled” is when student arrives on campus and their attendance is taken.

Enrollment Requirements

Federal law and non-regulatory guidance requires charter schools receiving federal funds to use a lottery when a school is oversubscribed. Texas Law-TEC 12.117 offers 2 options: Lottery or first come, first served fill the positions in the order in which the applications were received before the application deadline.  At Legacy, a waiting list will be developed for the applicants who were not admitted through a lottery. The ordered list of families who did not receive a spot in the lottery will be placed on the waiting list for the current school year. For example, if there are 33 sixth-grade spots available, the 34th student will become number one on the waiting list. If families are interested in enrolling their children after the lottery date has passed, they will be added to the bottom of the appropriate waiting list and processed on a first come, first-served basis behind all applications received during the enrollment period.  The waiting list will only be valid during the current academic year.  All students on the waiting list will be required to fill out a new application the following year to be entered in the lottery.

Commitment forms: A brief statement of next year’s intentions for current students that is given in Jan/Feb.


Families may submit an online application during the designated application period each year. The school will begin accepting applications for admission for the next school year in October of the current school year. This admissions application period will be open for 12 weeks.


When any grade is over-subscribed (when there are more applicants than spaces) at the end of the application period, Legacy the School of Sport Sciences will conduct an electronic lottery per State of Texas guidelines requirements until all openings are filled. The following are exempt from the lottery if applications are submitted during the designated application period:

– Children of Legacy the School of Sport Sciences staff members, and
– Siblings of Legacy the School of Sport Sciences students already admitted or attending the school and to children of Legacy officers, directors, teachers, and staff, so long as the total number of students allowed under this exemption constitutes only a small percentage of the school’s total enrollment.

Children not selected for immediate placement will be placed on a waitlist according to their number in the lottery process.


Legacy the School of Sport Sciences strives to maintain full and vital classrooms at all times. In the case of grade oversubscription, an electronic waitlist will be maintained by the school registrar in partnership with the school’s software provider. As positions become available throughout the year (as in the event of a student withdrawal) children occupying the next position in their grade’s wait list will be notified and instructed to submit a registration packet. Please note that at times, students may move down on the waitlist if siblings are prioritized above them.

*NOTE:  Federal law and non-regulatory guidance requires

Late Applications

A child who applies after the application deadline will be considered for registration should a position in his/her grade become available after the lottery is completed. Each application will be time-stamped and will be added to the end of the appropriate grade’s wait list. The school will continue to accept applications through the school year after the school year begins. Applicants will be added to their grade’s waitlist if the grade is oversubscribed.

Open Enrollment Charter School

Legacy the School of Sport Sciences is an open-enrollment charter school, which is a public school of choice. Admission and enrollment of students shall be open to persons who reside within the geographic boundaries stated in the school’s charter. In order for a student to be admitted into an open-enrollment charter school, the parent must follow the established guidelines for the admission and lottery process.

Currently Enrolled Students

Once students are admitted to the school, they are not required to participate in the lottery or admission process, but they will be asked to indicate their intent to return to the school by completing the re-enrollment process which usually occurs in early January.

A student who withdraws for any reason during the school year is only eligible for re-admission through the lottery. See also the Student Code of Conduct for additional requirements if a student withdraws prior to a pending disciplinary action.

Readmission after Withdrawal

A student who has withdrawn pending disciplinary action or has been expelled from Legacy the School of Sport Sciences may reapply and return subject to the following criteria:

– A vacancy exists
– The student must have an error free discipline record at their current school for at least one full semester.
– The student must meet with the Re-Admission Committee (Principal, Counselor, Lead Teacher) to explain why he/she should be readmitted.
– After the above steps have been completed, the student is eligible for the Lottery process to gain admission.

Additional Information on the admissions and enrollment policies  may be obtained from this attached document and the campus Principal’s Office.