Grading Policy 

“80 to Participate”

To participate in ANY extra-curricular activity students must fulfill all requirements of Legacy course work with a minimum grade of 80% in each class on their progress report and report card.

B.O.K (Book of Knowledge) (1)



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Each athletic program has been created to foster a systematized, stimulating encouraging atmosphere that focuses on the growth of the athlete, mentally and physically. The coaches know what it takes to perform at the next level, and we train our players to the next level in mind. Our goal is to help every student-athlete reach their goals through an established training program that prepares them to compete anywhere in the world.

Basketball  Schedules

Provided below are the direct links to the TCSAAL Basketball – Team schedule pages (for your quick reference):

Varsity (Girls – Division 1):

Middle School (Girls – Division 3):

Varsity (Boys – Division 1):

Junior Varsity (Boys – Division 2):

Middle School (Boys – Division 1):

Middle School (Boys – Division 3):

Middle School (Boys – Division 6):