Legacy the School of Sports Sciences is now accepting applications in grades 6th and 9th for 2019-2020 and continuing to accept applications in grades 6th-11th for this current year.

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Credit By Exams

Exams for Acceleration

Grades 6-12​


Students, in grades 6 through 12, currently enrolled in the District can receive credit for an academic course or subject area, in which the student has had no prior instruction, with a passing score of 80% or higher on an exam approved by the district’s Board of Trustees. Students scoring less than 80% on such an examination shall not be given credit for the course. Credit obtained shall be recorded on the academic achievement record for grades 6 through 12. The recorded scores are the scores obtained from the Credit by Examination.

A student may take an exam to earn course credit no more than twice. If a student fails to achieve the designated score on the applicable exam before the beginning of the school year in which the student would need to enroll in the course according to the school’s course sequence, the student must complete the course.

Beginning with students entering grade 9 in the 2012-13 school year, the calculation of class rank shall exclude semester grades earned through credit by examination, with or without prior instruction; through a traditional correspondence course; or in summer school for the purpose of credit recovery. [See Policy EIC]


A student who has previously taken a course or subject – but did not receive credit for it – may, in circumstances determined by the counselor, principal, or attendance committee, be permitted to earn credit by passing an exam on the essential knowledge and skills defined for that course or subject. Prior instruction may include, for example, incomplete coursework due to a failed course or excessive absences, homeschooling, or coursework by a student transferring from a nonaccredited school.

The school counselor or principal would determine if the student could take an exam for this purpose. If approval is granted, the student must score at least 70% on the exam to receive credit for the course or subject. The attendance review committee may also offer a student with excessive absences an opportunity to earn credit for a course by passing an exam.

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