Is Legacy for you...

Legacy will open in the Fall of 2018. The 18-acre campus will provide the foundation for the students to begin the work of learning the professions within athletics. Legacy is slated to open its doors with 550 students in grades 6th-11th and add the 12th grade level in Fall of 2019. The campus will be housed on an academic compound with an athletic complex that will be used as the basis for the educational curriculum. Enroll your child now and your family will develop a new meaning of a "Career in Sports"!

Hear more from the Founders…

The mission of Legacy is to provide a rigorous, well-balanced college preparatory program that focuses on educational experiences through the use of a thematic, work-based curriculum for academics, athletics, and professions within athletics.

The founding board members, administration, and staff will fulfill the school’s mission by upholding to the vision, which is to educate an inspire gifted and talented students through their interest of careers in athletics, such as athletic administration, coaching, sports media, and sports medicine.  Our intention is to use the professions within the athletic industry to inspire each student to perform at a level leading to successful matriculation at a four-year institution, or post-secondary training, culminating in a rewarding career in sports business or sports STEM.

The purpose is to create a model of education that is relevant to all Legacy students.

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