Legacy the School of Sports Sciences is now accepting applications in grades 6th and 9th for 2019-2020 and continuing to accept applications in grades 6th-11th for this current year.

Parent Portal

WebSmart Student Services professionals and let them answer all of your questions. Toll Free (866) Or us for more information.

Nutrition Services

Legacy the School of Sport Sciences will put the student’s nutrition first. Complete access to your school breakfast and lunch menu is as easy as visiting your favorite website. With myschoolaccount you’ll find menu and allergen information & school announcements.

Communication doesn’t stop when you leave the café or even school because myschoolaccount has an app for smartphones and Apple Watch where students are able to view menus and allergens, rate the menu items, participate in surveys & even get reminded when their favorite food is on the menu! Visit myschoolaccount website and check out your school menus!