Grading Policy 

“80 to Participate”

To participate in ANY extra-curricular activity students must fulfill all requirements of Legacy course work with a minimum grade of 80% in each class on their progress report and report card.

B.O.K (Book of Knowledge) (1)

Summer Reading Assignments 2019-2020

Greetings Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2019 season of summer reading! All Legacy the School of Sport Sciences students are assigned summer reading, and we have selected some wonderful books for each grade level. Please browse the links below by selecting the appropriate grade level for the 2019-20 school year from the drop down menu. On each grade’s page you will find recommended readings and the accompanying work to be completed.

Each grade has a list of recommended books from which to choose. Each grade will have an assignment to accompany their selected reading. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. Although the minimum book requirement for each grade is two or three books, please remember that you are always free and encouraged to keep on reading!

Thank you for continuing to support your child’s reading, and happy summer!

Best Regards,


Book of Knowledge- The Legacy Way

Just a Reminder:

Legacy is built on the Five Legacy Values. The pillars provide the framework for making the school an ideal option for the families of Houston. Through the application of the Five Values, Legacy will provide an exceptional educational experience to the students it serves.
Leadership- follow me.
Quality- set the standard high.
Reliability- rely on me and my word.
Allegiance- a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.
Reverence- born of the value of friendliness, caring, confidence, support, and a can-do. It’s my pleasure to be of service.

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Middle School Leadership Project

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