Kerrie Patterson-Brown, is an experienced educator, coach and former student athlete that is intrigued by the development of students and the way they learn.  Due to her inquisitive nature Kerrie is determined to produce a catalyst or change and growth in the academic and athletic arena, by commingling the parity of successful students and a mental, physical, and social cognizant student.  She has extensive knowledge and skills based in academics and athletics, which has allotted her the experience to design a distinctive learning platform that encourages the development of the complete student athlete.

As a student athlete, graduate, and coach from Texas A&M  University in College Station, Texas Kerrie understands the demands that are placed on student athletes to be successful in all areas of their lives.  After receiving her masters from Texas A&M in Education Administration in Human Resource Development she concluded that the preparation for student athletes in middle and high school is not equivalent to what is expected of them in college, nor does it expose them to the many professions that lie within the industry.

Kerrie began the design process for Legacy in her research studies within her doctorate program in Education Administration.  She has done extensive research in Early College High School programs and the students success within those programs.  She has also directed her studies towards student athletes and the demands that they are asked to endure, academically and athletically.  Kerrie believes that the two programs that require a 100% commitment from the student can coexist and make for a well-rounded student athlete and construct a critical and innovative approach to ensure that the curriculum will meet the promise of a ‘career-ready’ student athlete, rather it be on or apart of the field of play.

Through her studies she was able to determine that student athletes have the grit and fortitude to have success in any situation when provided the tools that are needed to make them successful.  She sought others that shared the same vision (Board listed below). After researching and studying the student athlete for over fifteen years, Kerrie has created a school model that will change the perception of athletes and their commitment towards academics. Kerrie is eager to rid the term ‘dumb jock’ through the graduates of Legacy, by enhancing the college and post graduate success rate.

The Visionary ‘DREAM TEAM’

Legacy is a 501 ©3 non-profit organization with leadership provided by its Board of Directors and Advisory Committee.  The Legacy board and advisory committee is made up of a team of 11 dedicated professionals and community leaders that manage the organization and volunteer their time and talent.

Board President- Beverly Cage, M.Ed,

Board Treasurer- Devora Cooper, DBA

Secretary– Meg Banahan J.D.


Margaret Stoud, Ph.D

Andrew Green, D.C, L.Ac

Tori Dugar

Jason Sosa, Ph.D, J.D.

Advisory Committee:

Jayne Raquepaw, Ph.D

Krystal Cook, Ph.D

Dana Wiltz- Beckham, DVM